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Week (2) of cakes! Eating then photo-collaging the evidence

Cake news and fun

Greetings again sweet reader!  This is the second in a weekly round-up of cakes made and eaten during the week.  Scary I know.  Yet surprisingly not, because they were all healthy cakes!  Yes, my body has been treated to spelt flour, fruit, honey, maple syrup and natural yoghurt instead of its previous cake diet of sugar, refined flours and cream (awful, isn’t it? Ahem…).

Week 2 of cakes

My friends, aka ‘guests’, ‘cake testers’ and ‘guinea pigs’, lounged around the table with surprised looks on their faces saying things like ‘Wow!  That’s amazing how I don’t feel heavy after eating all that!’ and ‘Yeah, 6 scones and I still feel quite light!’ (not to mention the 3 slices of lemon cake, slices of apple tart, courgette cake and Miso soup… oops…just mentioned them).  One friend will now only be available for future testing dinners where healthy cake is served!  Fair enough.  On the other hand, I sense my most recent guest went away a bit disappointed and missing her sugar high.  Next time…

Recipes for the photo-collage cakes coming soon:  healthy curry scones, healthy fruit tartlets and possibly healthy courgette and apple cake.  All very healthy, healthy, healthy and good for you, sweet reader! 🙂

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Making cakes with my French mother on Sundays was an important part of my childhood. As an adult I then experimented with baking books and internet recipes and did a great patisserie course in Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I'm still trying out new recipes and creating some of my own cakes with influences from all around the world, adding some healthy ones to the repertoire. Yes, I love cakes!!! :)

4 thoughts on “Week (2) of cakes! Eating then photo-collaging the evidence”

  1. Great! Will keep working at the courgette cake in the kitchen laboratory! Jaffa macarons… yum!!! 🙂


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