Week 3 of cakes

A week in cakes: a photo-collage review

b55260b4-c057-4e6c-8f2f-8d1cfa7dfa47_jpeg[1]Week 1

1535f853-572e-4376-9575-6b3c04ed542d_jpeg[1]Week 2

8da78713-8e04-4575-8860-21d3860e07ea_jpeg[1]Week 3

93029fdc-5aee-4328-a922-0e67e2dd8cee_jpeg[1]Week 4 and little statue wishing you happy Chinese New Year!

week 5Week 5 and Chinese New Year!

week 6Week 6 and rock climbing – double bliss and solitude

week 7Week 7 and climbing photos

week 8 of cakesWeek 8, climbing and architecture photos

week 9 of cakesWeek 9, Easter and good news!

week 10 of cakesWeek 10, Easter and a Victorian cake quiz

Week 11 of cakesWeek 11 and the foodstagram diet

week 12Week 12, cups and food photography made simple

Week 13Week 13, the decorations, dehydrator and cake diet!

Week 14Week 14, challenges and INDD!

week 15Week 15 and entremets

Week 16Week 16 and baking with friends

To see more please type ‘A week of cakes’ in the search box and you’ll get all the weekly reviews starting with the latest! 🙂

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