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Week 29 of cakes, successes and failures

Week (29) of cakes, successes and failures!

Ah the ups and downs on this rollercoaster ride through the kitchen creating fruity desserts.  One minute I’m swooning over my delightful refined sugar-free Grapefruit and kirsch savarin sweetened with maple syrup, combining a lovely balance of flavours.  Then suddenly I’m in the depth of […]


Week (25) of cakes, climbing and crazy bonfires!

This week I’ll be sharing a bonfire tradition that started way back in the neolithic period with you, along with my little selection of homemade goodies.  Le Snickers patisserie chocolate bar proved rather popular with readers and there seemed to be some drooling.  It’s probably […]


Week (17) of cakes! And Wales!

This last week has seen a trio of gluten-free desserts!  First there was the crazy cocoa and raspberry rainbow cake, which seems to appeal to the enthusiastic child in many of us.  Work is underway on a new cake teleporting system to ensure speedy delivery […]