6 thoughts on “Awards”

    • Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for thinking of me for this lovely nomination!! Unfortunately, you just caught me the day after my ‘retirement’ from the award scene (it’s in my post on March 30th) otherwise I would have included this!!! Still, I’m honoured and if you’d like to read some of those facts about me, they’re in that post! 🙂

      I might be in touch with you to ask about Twittering tips by the way, as I’m almost completely inactive (apart from posts) and ignorant about Twitter!

      Thanks again and many congratulations on your award!!!! I enjoyed reading your facts and look forward to seeing more of your posts! 🙂

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  1. Maguy Guerber says:

    Bonjour Lili , je m’inscris sur ton blog car j’aime ce que tu fais . Je te fais des bisous .
    Maguy # kooki32

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    • Hello Kooki! C’est genial de te voir ici. Merci! Tu as confirmé la souscription? Je pense que parfois le message ‘confirmation’ entre dans le ‘junk mail’ (emails indésirables). Bisous et bonne nuit 🙂


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