Spelt flour

Spelt flour has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently and is of course extremely happy to be appreciated.  But why, you might ask yourself?  Spelt is an ancient relative of wheat with an interesting history.  It was popular as a staple during and between the Bronze Age and Medieval times, so it’s obviously got staying power and a certain je ne sais quoi (literally:  ‘I don’t know what’).

As for nutritional value, well it’s reported to contain vitamins, iron, trace minerals and suchlike.  And I heard that it’s less treated or ‘manipulated’ than its wheat cousin.  It does contain gluten however, though apparently it’s a kind of gluten that’s easier to process and tolerate by our bodies. Like a lot of food, it should simply be consumed in moderation.

Still, it looks like an interesting choice to play with in baking, with a nutty flavour.  I’ve found pastry made with it a little less flaky but tastier, and sponges to be surprisingly spongy.  See what you think and read up on it if you like!  If you haven’t already, give our friend spelt a little twirl!!

Is spelt flour healthy? – livestrong

Spelt – wikipedia

What is Spelt?  – the spelt bakers



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