pastry shell

Spelt pastry cartoon recipe!

The wonder of spelt pastry

Once you try spelt pastry you’ll never look back!  Well, maybe.  Anyway, spelt flour does contain gluten but it’s easier to digest than wheat flour and it’s so tasty.  On my last visit home to the UK I even managed to convert my mum!  I knew she’d seen the light when she murmured in surprise ‘oh, it’s so thin and crispy’!  Perhaps like many people she though spelt equals heavy-good-for-you.  She’s now making her pastry with spelt flour.  Admittedly I’ve been using fine white spelt and the result will be different using wholemeal but you could experiment then tell me what happens! 🙂


This amount of pastry is good for a 20cm/8 inch French tart ring.  Though I’d suggest making double and freezing the other half for use another day.  My French uncle always has some pastry hanging around in his freezer and it’s very handy! 🙂

For US cup-lovers here’s the conversion:  1 cup of white spelt flour and 3 tablespoons plus a scant fifth of a tablespoon of unsalted butter.

spelt pastry


For extra tips and instructions have a look in my other pages under Pastry is your friendMaking shortcrust pastry and Lining a French tart ring with pastry and blind baking.

Have fun playing with your pastry! 🙂

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