Blood oranges

These oranges are sweet but tangy with a very special flavour. Catch them while you can as they have a short late winter season and are lovely for making tarts and marmalade, amongst other things.  I recently made a tart with blood oranges for the first time and am now completely in love with them.  Long live blood oranges! 🙂

If you’d like a sensible link about this marvellous fruit, here it is:

BBC Food ingredients – Blood Orange recipes


8 thoughts on “Blood oranges”

  1. Hello Lili! I have never heard about blod oranges until about one week ago when I received an e-mail form Martha Steward’s web page with a recipe made with blood oranges. I wondered about their flavor. Then some days later, I saw a small sack of imported blood oranges in the supermarket. I didn’t buy them, but I smelled them and they smell like grapefruit. Are they bitter as a grapefruit?


    • Hi Marianne! It’s quite hard to describe… but no they aren’t bitter like grapefruit. Actually they’re quite sweet, but … hold on, just going to the kitchen to try one again! 🙂 Right, just back. It’s like a sweet orange that has had a bit of lime and chilli pepper added to it!!! (tangy) Don’t know if that helps. If you see them again, you could buy some! Even drinking the fresh juice is lovely. And they’re very photogenic so you could take lots of photos of them?! 🙂


      • Sounds interesting for my palate. I will buy the sack. You know, in Mexico City people usually buy on the streets juicy fruit with chilli in powder (chile piquin), like mango or orange. We also like to eat some raw veggetables like carrot, cucumber and jicama with chile piquin and lemon. Although I don’t eat fruit with chili, I love this vegetables with it.
        Have a great week-end!


      • Hi Marianne, Mexican food is delicious! I had some last weekend, and ate the black mushroom that grows on the corn. Yum!
        All the stuff you describe sounds great! I also like chile – like in ceviche – but don’t usually have it with fruit. I didn’t know about that…

        Let me know what you think of the blood oranges when you taste them and have a lovely weekend too! 🙂


      • Oh, yes. The name is huitlacoche. Even for me, it’s an exotic food 😉 The chili we use for the fruit or raw vegetables is “chile piquin” it is not too hot, it’s a light chili, and with lemos is lighter.

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      • That’s right: huitlacoche… and it was the first time I’d seen it too! I’m going back to that little restaurant. Chile piquin sounds nice, I’ll try to look out for it, maybe at the same restaurant . I’d like to try it.

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