Cake bunting

How to make cake bunting

This is my first attempt at cake bunting and it’s a pretty straightforward process. You probably don’t even need these instructions but here they are.  🙂

Get your two wooden sticks (I ‘recycled’/pulled apart a disused table mat) and two pieces of string a bit longer than the width required (estimate the width between your two sticks when in the cake).  Nick slight grooves with a sharp knife where you’d like the tie your pieces of string so they don’t slip down.  Tie with a simple overhand knot with an extra bit dangling for the ‘rustic’ homemade look and in case you need to readjust the width later.cake bunting - sticks and stringFold small squares of sticky-back material in half and cut out double triangles (making a lozenge shape) using your first one as a model.  My triangles had a base width of 3.5cm and a height of 5cm.  If you don’t have sticky-back material you’ll need to use good glue.

cake bunting - the trianglesThen carefully peel off the paper from the material triangle, place the string in the middle of the lozenge and stick the two sides of the triangles together.  This is a bit fiddly and you have one attempt at joining sticky back material (it won’t pull apart easily once stuck together) so do it calmly and precisely.  Repeat to make the remaining triangles, leaving a short space of a centimetre or so on the string between each one.

cake bunting - triangles on the stringInsert the two sticks into your cake!  And maybe a few candles…

Cake bunting - on the cakeCake bunting - on the cakeP.S.  I got my sticky-back material from the Tiger Tiger shop in Barcelona (Gran de Gracia branch).  Will do more research to try and find more sources.