Bain marie

Breads and yeasted cake doughsSavarin dough (for savarins and rum babas), Chinese baozi (steamed bun) dough

Buttering and flouring cake moulds

Caramels, jams, jellies and preserves:  Caramel base for mousse or glaze (caramel sauce), Easy lemon curd, Making a dry caramel, Easy raspberry jam and tips,

Creams, mousses, bavaroises, pastes:  Crème pâtissière (creme pat/pastry cream),

Meringue and macarons:  Italian meringue, Italian meringue macaron shells recipe, French macaron shells recipe, Meringue nests recipe at Ispahan lychee, raspberry and rose pavlovas,  Meringue discs and kisses

Pastry is your friendInverted or inverse puff pastry, Lining a French tart ring with pastry and blind baking, Making shortcrust pastry, Shaping and baking a puff pastry tart shell, Neater puff pastry tart shell

Soft or Stiff peak for cream or egg whites

Sponges: recipes for classic genoise sponge, chocolate cider sponge, sugar-free genoise sponge

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