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Chestnut mousse illustrated recipe - colour

Week 37 of cakes and experiments!

Oops, I was so busy in the kitchen I forgot to do this weekly update so it’s a bit late and bursting at the seams with cakes!  A bit like me.  lol.  There were the Chocolate, chestnut mousse and spiced apple verrines.  Lovely elements layered […]

Broccoli and cheese soufflé

Broccoli and cheese soufflés recipe!

For a challenge… or more of a party really.  Especially since everyone at our gathering has agreed soufflés are easier than expected!  You can see all the delightful puffy creations at Our challenge soufflés little party.  Here’s my contribution:  gluten-free broccoli and cheese soufflés that […]

Tuna and egg crêpe cake

Tuna and egg crêpe cake

Crêpe craving?  Come have a savoury tuna and egg crêpe cake with me!  In fact let’s have it for breakfast!  Brunch maybe?  Any time’s perfect for these spelt crêpes with delicious layers of tuna and chopped hard-boiled egg in creamy white béchamel sauce.  All made […]