Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte royale recipe – and the cakometre!

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Want to impress your family, friends and stomach?  Come into the world of les charlottes royales. They’re easier than you’d expect, striking and delicious.  And my new invention the cakometre will calculate the number of slices you’re allowed so you can fully enjoy the beautiful fluffy, tangy and fresh lemon mousse surrounded by soft genoise swiss roll slices filled with raspberry jam.  All set off by the delightful sharpness of fresh raspberries.  Et voilà, a wonderful balance of flavours in a Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte royale.  Sigh of contentment… sometimes you become very attached to a cake!  🙂

Charlotte royale

Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte royale

How the cakometre was invented

Unfortunately a Charlotte Royale is not the kind of cake you can take hiking with you.  Not only would it be muttering ‘What am I doing here in the countryside with these peasants?’  It would also get battered and fall apart in the sun.

A bit like me.  Sunday I spent the day struggling up the hills of Collserola on the outskirts of Barcelona whimpering ‘I’m not a really a hiker!  Climbing’s easier’ and ‘I’m dying!’  I’m fine sitting at the bottom of a rock then climbing up a vertical face.  But I don’t really enjoy plodding up a looooong slope with no end in sight, observing the backs of proper hikers striding effortlessly upwards, clearly not suffering like me.

To cheer myself up I chatted (and whinged) to fellow hikers and invented the cakometre, which fits comfortably on your wrist like a watch and not only measures how many calories you’ve burnt but uses that information to tell you how many cakes you can eat as a result.  According to my calculations I’d earned three big slices of cake by the time I’d finished the hike!  I’d had one for breakfast so would have two for tea upon my return!  Woohoo!  🙂

A slice of lemon and raspberry charlotte

A slice of lemon and raspberry charlotte for breakfast

In the end it was so hot in the hills that even hardened hikers were wilting.  Hurray!  I mean oh dear…  The group voted not to continue up to the peak, we sat down to a picnic and I survived the day, went home and had my two slices of cake.

Another slice of charlotte! :)

Another slice of charlotte! 🙂

You might not want to do the hiking and suffering part but go straight to eating cake.  Fair enough.  If you want to take it really easy you can make the optional no-bake version using a couple of shop-bought raspberry swiss roll!  But the genoise sponge takes just 25 to 35 minutes to make and bake and the delightfully refreshing lemon mousse about 20 minutes to whip up.  So shall we start? 🙂

Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte

Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte


Ingredients (for a medium-sized bowl – about 18cm diametre and 10cm high)

Genoise sponge

  • 118g (2 medium-sized to large) beaten eggs
  • 63g (half a cup) plain all-purpose flour (sifted)
  • 63g (a third of a cup minus 1 tablespoon) caster (superfine) sugar or a third of a cup granulated sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • optional:  a knife-tip of vanilla powder (or seeds scraped from a quarter of a vanilla bean)
  • raspberry jam for the swiss roll – about a quarter of a jar

Lemon mousse

  • 2 sheets of gelatine (gold leaf)
  • 62g (1 and a half lemons) freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • 100ml whipping cream (35%) or double cream

      Italian meringue

  • 25g (1 tbsp + 2 tsp) mineral water
  • 63g (one third of a cup) granulated or caster sugar
  • 40g (1 medium-sized) egg white

Soaking juice

  • 2 tablespoons freshly-squeezed orange juice (half an orange)


  • 2 generous tablespoons (25g) sugar – I used golden caster sugar, which makes the glaze darker
  • 3 tbsp (42g) water
  • 1 generous teaspoon arrowroot powder


Two small pummets of raspberries (around 200-250g)


genoise swiss roll slices

Homemade raspberry swiss roll slices



Preheat the oven to 180°C (static, non-convection oven) or 160°C (fan-assisted oven).

Prepare your swiss roll baking tray (mine’s approximately 19cm x 28cm x 3cm):  butter lightly then line with greaseproof baking paper.DSCF9054Make the genoisethe recipe’s on my ‘basics’ page:  genoise sponge.

  1. Pour the genoise batter gently into your tray and spread evenly with the back of a metal spoon or spatula.  d7175e48-d914-46ab-b42f-495d996de87f_jpeg[1]
  2. Bake 10 – 15 minutes until golden, a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean and the top springs back slightly when pressed lightly with a finger. Don’t open the oven door for the first 10 minutes!
  3. Once out of the oven leave to cool a few minutes.DSCF9076
  4. Place a sheet of greaseproof paper over a wire rack and sprinkle with a little caster sugar.
  5. Turn the genoise on to the paper and peel the paper on the top off the sponge.DSCF9080
  6.  If you’re not making the swiss rolls immediately, cover with a lightly damp and clean teacloth.

Make the Swiss roll slices

Spread a thin layer of raspberry jam on the sponge – about 5 to 6 tablespoons, to taste.

Carefully roll the long side towards you, a little tightly but ensuring the jam doesn’t squish out. Use the paper to help you.


Press down lightly on the swiss roll with the seam underneath, to help seal.

Cut with a long serrated bread knife into a) 20 thin slices to include a sponge base or b) 14 thicker slices for a cake without a sponge base.

genoise raspberry jam swiss roll slices

raspberry jam swiss roll slices

Line your bowl with the slices 

Place 14 slices in the bowl (reserve six slices for later use if making a base).

This is the prototype with 14 slices of swiss roll and no sponge base. You might prefer this version.


Please go to my Italian Meringue page under the basics section if you’d like extra tips and photos.


1. Pour the lemon mousse carefully into the bowl lined with swiss roll slices. Freeze 15 minutes.

2. Take out of the freezer and cover with the reserved swiss roll slices.

3.  Brush the six swiss roll slices on ‘top’ with freshly-squeezed orange juice.  Leave to soak 5 minutes then unmould onto a serving plate.  Brush the other swiss rolls on the charlotte with the remaining orange juice. Freeze for an hour or more so it can set.

Prepare the arrowroot glaze.

  1. Dissolve the caster sugar in the water at a low-medium heat then bring to a boil, stirring to make a light syrup.DSCF9117
  2. Mix the arrowroot with 2 tablespoons of water, stirring to make a smooth white liquid.DSCF9118
  3. Stir this mixture into the syrup, return to the heat and stir constantly till it boils again, then immediately take off the heat. It will have thickened to a soft jelly-like gloopy consistency.DSCF9123
  4. Let the glaze cool slightly before spooning over the charlotte (or brushing) to have a thinly even and shiny layer.DSCF9125
  5. Let it set 5 minutes then wipe the drops of glaze on the serving plate around the bottom of the charlotte.  Don’t worry, these charlottes never look dead perfect but with the raspberries …

Place raspberries around the base of the charlotte and several on top (you can do this shortly before serving).Eating and looking after Charlotte

You could eat the charlotte after a few hours, but it’s great the next day!  🙂  It keeps well in airtight tupperware for around 3 days in the fridge and a few weeks in the freezer.

And so that more people can meet Charlotte,  I’m taking this cake to the May 2015 Perfecting Patisserie challenge hosted by Lucy at BakingQueen74 and Kevin at The Crafty Larder.  You can click on the image if you’d like to see some yummy treats or bring a little something! You could also get some of this cake at the usual wonderful Fiesta Friday party kindly hosted by Angie@the novice gardener and co-hosts Caroline @Caroline’s Cooking and Jess @Cooking Is My Sport.  You’re always very welcome to come along and join in!   And perhaps everyone would like a little slice of cake now, as a reward for getting through Monday and the rest of the week?  My magic cakometre is showing me you all deserve some! 🙂

Do try making this lovely Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte royale – it’s actually pretty straightforward!  You get to practise making a genoise sponge and classic French mousse made with Italian meringue (is that a contradiction?!).  Anyway, it’s all worthwhile because it’s so fairy-tale-like delicious!

So I’ll wave farewell to you sweet reader and wish you a wonderful week and weekend ahead!  Happy celebrating life and Cinco de Mayo if you celebrate (or celebrated) that too!  🙂

P.S.  I’m thinking of inventing a Tres Leches flan dessert later.  There’s our Tres leches cake challenge and I need to experiment with that healthier version.  Have you made a tres leches cake yet?  🙂

3 hours later – Have just found out about the royal baby Charlotte who was born yesterday?!  Total cake serendipidity!!!

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Baking on Sundays with my French mum was a lovely part of my childhood. Later I experimented with baking books or internet recipes and did the pâtisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Still trying out new recipes and inventing cakes with influences from all around the world, including some healthier ones. Yes, love cakes!!! Hope you'll love them too and have fun baking. :)

40 thoughts on “Lemon mousse and raspberry charlotte royale recipe – and the cakometre!”

  1. The cake looks delicious! Will be pinning it to try it sometime…and it’s so cool you’re near Barcelona! I was there last July and absolutely adored it!!

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  2. I’d certainly like a virtual slice please, it looks so pretty and sounds great ingredients-wise too. I do love lemon and the jam roll looks lovely as well. I used to not like them when I was younger, but then I just realized I was fussy and only liked homemade ones 🙂 So if I can get into making them this should be on the list! Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday.


    • Your’re welcome and virtual slice coming right up Caroline! 🙂 I agree with you about homemade jam rolls being great, also good in Royal Trifles. Hope you can enjoy making and eating them. And thank you for co-hosting Fiesta Friday!! 🙂


  3. It looks really like a good royal cake! so moist and delicious, and I love everything with raspberries! 😀 I made charlotte this time too, but simple (Russian) version. 🙂

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    • Thank you Mila! Happy you like the cake! 🙂 Liked yours too with the apples! 🙂


  4. You are right… that’s a very impressive cake! I’m used to make charlotte… but with savoiardi cookies…. your recipe goes beyond! This cake seems just came out of a pastry shop!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Margherita for your lovely comments! 🙂 And I’d like to try the savoiardi cookies (or biscuits) charlotte that you make too – my French cousin makes those. This one is actually not very difficult if you want to try it! Have a nice weekend! 🙂


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