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Preparing to make a cake (baking picture dictionary)

Introducing: a baking picture dictionary!

Preparing for my first baking workshop last weekend in Barcelona gave me the impetus to create a baking dictionary helpful for following recipes in English, especially if you’re not a native speaker.  You can of course teach kids with these drawings but adults love doodles […]

Red velvet beach cake

How to make a beach cake – easy! :)

Beach cakes are such happy creations, fun and easier than you’d think using your favourite sponge cake and frosting.  Cream cheese frosting works perfectly and there’s a recipe for this and the decor below.  Though considering the decorations involve digestive biscuits (aka Graham crackers), blue […]

Spelt croissants

Spelt croissants – or unspeltified! :)

Did you know croissants didn’t originally come from France?  Apparently they were invented following an attempted invasion and some helpful bakers!  Will tell you the exciting tale later.  But today’s recipe is for croissants that have been ‘speltified’.  You can make them with plain or […]


Our tres leches challenge cakes! :)

Are you curious to see how everyone did with their tres leches cake?  They can be quite a challenge!  You need a certain consistency of sponge so the liquid doesn’t bounce off it!  And the right quantity of three kinds of milk to produce a […]