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Lime pie

Ginger and mint lime pie recipe

Yum yum, or as they say in France:  miam miam.  I looooove this lime pie.  One guest experienced a ‘taste explosion’ and another exclaimed, ‘it’s like Spring!’  This ginger and mint lime pie is another patisserie creation with an identity crisis:  it might be American, […]


The Dalí museum and bread adventure

Bread? Dalí? What’s the connection, you might well ask.  Prising myself away from my bed and computer on Saturday, I went on an eye-opening daytrip adventure to Dalí’s Theatre-Museum in Figueres.  We arrive and lo and behold, above the museum entrance are statues holding aloft […]


Why make cakes and blog about it?

Prepare yourself for a shock. This is a no-recipe post (oh no!) but here’s a photo of a delicious British classic: the Coffee and Walnut Sponge. I love it and so does most of my family, especially my sister-in-law, who will invariably put in a […]