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Chocolate cake

No-fuss easy chocolate cake recipe!

It’s hard to believe all-in-one-bowl cakes work so well!  I was sceptical but tried it out and am now addicted to this simple chocolate cake with a great springy sponge texture and lovely chocolatey icing.  Sooo easy and practically foolproof.  I might be posting more […]

Modernist strawberry chocolate cake

Modernist Greek yoghurt strawberry chocolate cake recipe! Yann Couvreur-style Fraisier chocolat, optionally glutenfree with added sugarfree frosting

This modernist-style decoration with strawberry slices was launched by French pâtissier Yann Couvreur for his revisit of the French classic le Fraisier.  It’s straightforward to construct with perfect distribution of fruit both outside and inside, wonderful flavours, moisture and freshness.  So I thought I’d share it […]

Chocolate and bergamot charlotte russe

Chocolate and bergamot charlotte russe recipe

Once again the Daring Kitchen threw down the gauntlet and issued a challenge:  to make a charlotte russe or royale.  I accepted and threw in some bergamot extract!  What’s bergamot?  It’s the light spicy citrusy flavour that haunts Earl Grey tea.  More about it later.  […]