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Chocolate cake

No-fuss easy chocolate cake recipe!

It’s hard to believe all-in-one-bowl cakes work so well!  I was sceptical but tried it out and am now addicted to this simple chocolate cake with a great springy sponge texture and lovely chocolatey icing.  Sooo easy and practically foolproof.  I might be posting more […]

Lime goats cheesecake

Healthier limey goats cheesecake recipe!

This is a special refreshingly tangy cheesecake that feels amazingly light on the stomach.  Apparently goats cheese is good for you and pretty digestible!  In this easy no-bake cheesecake it’s combined with drained unsweetened greek-style yoghurt and some mascarpone, both of which can be substituted […]

Healthy raspberry, oat and nut squares

Healthy raspberry, oat and nut squares recipe!

These are bursting with flavour, chock-full of healthy ingredients and easy to put together with raspberries and apples or other fruit like cherries, apricots and peaches to make a versatile guilt-free treat.  Still, it’s probably better not to eat more than five squares in one […]