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Week 22 of cakes and secrets!

Week (22) of cakes and some pâtisserie ‘secrets’!?

Pâtisserie secrets?  There’s no such thing is there?  Hmm, we’ll discuss that later.  Meanwhile, much of last week was dedicated to perfecting little cherry and almond soufflés made with cornflour and involving dairy-free almond milk or sugar-free xylitol versions.  Gruelling work… hee hee… but totally […]

Week 11 of cakes

Week (11) of cakes and the foodstagram diet!

Last week promised healthy goodness and a happy chocolate buzz with the appearance of easy no-bake heavenly cocoa bites and slices!!!  And there was a healthy tart with some rather adventurous flavours:  Chinese 5 spices and tamarind Apple tarte tatin with maple syrup caramel!  Would […]